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Content Distribution Plan: How to Conquer Declining Organic Reach

In case ya didn’t notice, we’ve had content on the brain this week – learning how to create the best of the best.

Today, we’re going a step further with CoSchedule. Their latest article lays out a killer plan that focuses on distribution and how to build a defense on organic reach.

Content doesn’t just include what’s written. We’re talking podcasts, videos, and creatives like infographics. Similarly, with distribution, we don’t mean posting on social media one time.

A well-oiled distribution channel should include:

  • Paid media – Paid social, Google ads, Zest
  • Owned media – Email, RSS, Facebook/LinkedIn groups
  • Earned media – SEO, Forums (Quora or Reddit), Slideshare

Let’s dive into learning how to show the right people the right content.

  1. Take note of how to format your content. The plan on distribution should become before the content is created. Think about who would want to consume your content, and how they want to consume it.
    • i.e. e.g. “How to…” = videos or webinars
  2.  Determine the channel the best suits the format. For example, a how-to video could make sense on Youtube, Facebook feed, or relevant Reddit threads. Create a spreadsheet to keep track of your findings.
  3. Split-test various content formats with the distribution channels that you believe could pair well together. Perhaps your how-to video in a Reddit Channel outperforms your Facebook feed. Tracking the performance will help refine your list.
  4.  Repurpose your content into various other formats. Your how-to video can be transcribed into a blog post on your website and strengthen SEO. You can create a presentation to post on Slideshare. Scrap together high points for email..etc.

This roadmap will help you better manage your content that optimizes your chances of getting traffic to your site. Coschedule goes into even further detail with steps to turn that new traffic into customers!


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