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Content Writing Vs. Copywriting In Digital Marketing

There’s content writing, and there’s copywriting. Do you know the difference? They’re both essential in marketing campaigns, usually one used to support the other, they just have different purposes.

Who cares? Marketing nerds like us who like to prove a point! Let’s get into it.


  • What is it: Content writing is the creation of text content to educate or entertain.
  • Examples: Blog posts. White papers. E-books. Tutorials. Email newsletters. News articles. Evergreen articles. Case studies. Social media posts.
  • Length: Typically longer form pieces.
  • Emotion: Can be cheerful or funny at times.
  • Grammar: Aim for flawless and proper.
  • SEO: Keyword booster!


  • What is it: Copywriting is the creation of text content to persuade someone to take action.
  • Examples: PPC landing pages. PPC ads. Cost-per-mille (CPM) ads. Social media ads. Product pages. Website sales copy. Sales emails. Short Message Service (SMS) ads.
  • Length: Typically shorter pieces.
  • Emotion: Can invoke impulse, comfort, sometimes even urgency.
  • Grammar: Eh, write as you’d speak for the most part.
  • SEO: It ain’t gonna do the most.

So there are your fighters. The next time you’re in a position to hire a writer, or need content created, you’ll know which one to choose. There’s overlap, and copywriting is an umbrella term for a lot of text content creation, but this way you know the true difference. The Forbes article gives the full details on both, so check it out!


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