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Conversion Rate Optimization Questions (and Answers)

I scream for CRO, you scream for CRO, we all scream for CRO!

Conversion Rate Optimization is serious business. When your landing pages are properly optimized for conversions, you’re going to get more leads. It’s just that easy.

Okay, maybe not that easy because there are about 1,860,472 different ways (we did the math) to optimize a landing page for conversions. With all those different options, you’ve likely got questions about CRO. And we’ve got answers! That’s a lie. We don’t, but the good people at WiderFunnel do.

They’re answering 30 questions about CRO question that will help you on your journey to be a conversion king (or queen).

Some of our favorites:

  1. The biggest mistake in CRO – Many people don’t have a strategy in place for proper experimentation. They just try things randomly with no way to track results properly.
  2. What is CRO personalization? It isn’t just using someone’s first and last name on a landing page. It’s the art of talking to people on a 1:1 level on your website, but it’s not always easy (or possible).
  3. How do you have CRO success with lower traffic websites? Start with understanding who your current website visitors are, and then build a larger, more impactful testing variation.
  4. When do you make the call for A/B tests for statistical significance? Let the tests run for at least a week, and ideally two weekends, to iron out that seasonality effect.

That’s only 4. There are a whole heck of a lot more in today’s Read.


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