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Copywriting 101: 6 Traits of Excellent Copy Readers Will Remember

You know great copy when you see it. Consumers may not delve as deep into the science of good copy as marketers will, but they understand some messages just resonate better. So when you see it, don’t ignore it. Bookmark it, follow it, and let it influence the way you write.

To lay down some foundations of great copy, Hubspot is coming in hot with 6 traits of excellent copy readers will remember.

  • It tilts your perspective. Much like the famous “impossible staircase” illusion, Excellent copy changes your thinking. When you write about a topic, think about why the topic matters. When you’ve answered why the topic matters, take your answer a step further. You’ll challenge your own perspective and more easily shift the perspectives of others.
  • It finds connections. If you’re selling bicycles, you can write about the number of gears or the comfort of the seat. These are features people will be interested in, but they’re much more interested in the feeling of gliding down the road and feeling the sun and breeze on a nice summer day. Draw emotional connections people can follow.
  • It has a stunning lead. Your headline must turn heads. People have way too much to read, so make an effort to entice them. If each line you write effectively draws readers to the next, then you’ve succeeded. It all starts with the first line.
  • It is born out of listening. You must understand your audience for your copy to resonate with them. You’re talking to them, so talk in their language. Determine what your customers want and what they don’t want, then deliver your message accordingly.

You’ll find the last two of these traits along with some killer examples in the full article, so give it a read.


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