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How CoSchedule Went from 0 to 250,000 Email Subscribers

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: you need to start seriously building your email list. With all the weirdness happening on Facebook and the other social platforms, you can’t rely on them for consistent traffic.

You wanna know who’s really good at building an email list? CoSchedule. We thought we were pretty good, but their results are blowing us outta the water. For real.

They currently have over 250,000 subscribers, and gain an additional 4,000 per week on average! That is W-I-L-D.

We know what you’re asking at this point. Probs something like, “K, so how do they do it?” Glad you asked! Here’s their formula:

Content Upgrades. For every blog post they publish, they include a “content upgrade” in it. This is a downloadable companion resource like a template, calculator, worksheet, or any other document that helps your audience put what you’re teaching them into practice.

Content upgrades aren’t revolutionary, but what CoSchedule does differently is that they focus on making these companions so valuable that someone would pay for it. These upgrades are responsible for over 100,000 email sign-ups.

Tools. CoSchedule has three super valuable tools that ask for your email address before you can use them. It’s worth it, though.

  1. Headline Analyzer—responsible for 55,040 subscribers
  2. Click-To-Tweet WordPress Plugin—got them 7,407 subscribers
  3. Social Message Optimizer—1,806 subscribers

Gated content. More than just your generic PDF downloads, CoSchedule created in-depth marketing courses and webinars called the CoSchedule Academy. To gain access, you just need to give them your email address. Seems like a fair trade. The Academy is responsible for 14,732 new subscribers.

Social Media Strategy eBook. This eBook is no joke. It’s 114 pages long, and has generated 2,473 new subscribers. What’s interesting is that they do actually charge for this one—it’s $0.99 on Amazon. Sure, it’s only a buck, but how many people actually pay for your content?

There are a few more nuggets of wisdom in this one →


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