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Create shareable content: 5 Hollywood storytelling tips

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In a time when mixed media dominates the attention of humanity, it’s up to marketers to cut through the chaos and deliver high-quality content. Coming every day because the Internet doesn’t quit soon to a social media channel near you.

Grab the popcorn and dim the lights because PR Daily is presenting 5 Hollywood storytelling tips for creating shareable content.

  • Watch movies…seriously. You don’t need to tell us twice! Hollywood blockbusters are made to appeal to a wide audience. There are a lot of techniques used to capture attention and tell stories in the best way possible. Take into account the structures of movies, character journeys, and the different shots. Never script for testimonial videos and stick to simple questions. For any narrated videos, always use a script and be sure to storyboard before shooting.
  • Understand the psychology of why people share. At the core of sharing is understanding. People want to be understood. People share things that align with their own beliefs or touch on topics that are important to them. By sharing, they are putting their name on something that resonates with them. This allows others to connect the shared content with the person who shared it which furthers a sense of understanding.
  • Personify, personify, personify. To craft content someone will share, the content needs to be relatable. People relate to people, so use a person as the focal point in your content. Craft a story around a customer or product engineer who achieved something, found something, discovered something, or overcame something.
  • Study the “Hero’s Journey.” People love to watch the transformation of a character. This means the main character needs to endure some sort of struggle they eventually overcome. If your customer is the hero, then they will overcome a challenge with the help of your product or service. Peoples’ experiences aren’t all sunshine and roses, so your story shouldn’t be either.

Keep reading for the final installment of this storytelling saga.


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