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Creating Marketing and Social Media Content That Lasts

Did you know Star Wars was beaten in its opening weekend by Smokey and the Bandit? Or that the (originalGreat Gatsby flopped when it was first released? We know that both of these are great works, but if we only focused on the initial numbers, they’d be considered failures.

The point? If you’re only focusing on immediate results with your marketing, you’re going to miss out on long-term success. 

Let’s get your content on the right track to this long-term success with today’s Listen.

  • (5:10) Avoid immediacy bias by focusing on the things that others (like your competitors) aren’t doing. Where are there gaps that your content can exploit?
  • (8:19) You can find these gaps by using social media to see what questions people are asking and how people are reacting to things.
  • (11:53) Newsjacking isn’t a good way to build content that lasts. People are only temporarily interested in news. Don’t chase the brand new thing. Focus on things that don’t change.
  • (12:29) Digital marketing changes by the minute, but you can focus on things that don’t change by providing a unique value-add to your audience.
  • (14:24) Word of mouth is essential to success.
  • (16:37) Do things that are unexpected. Answer this question: if you stopped your advertising, would anyone notice? Create things that make people stop and notice. Example: Buffer got a ton of free press by being completely transparent with salary and revenue.
  • (19:12) Creating controversy is a good problem to have. It’s at least a better problem than no one caring about you. Take risks.

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