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CROOW Strategy Map

Partner up for the 3-legged race, y’all! 3-legged races are always a hoot, but since the logistics might be tricky online, we’ll let you off the hook. If you’ve never heard of a 3-legged race, it’s the epitome of teamwork and the ultimate test of communication and coordination. 

Businesses compete with each other in different ways, but the core of their success relies on the same principle as the 3-legged race: alignment. A business that can align on its mission, vision, and values can do anything. Today, CROOW is talking about this alignment and sharing the Strategy Map from their free eBook, Level Up: Management Secrets to Create an Agile and Growing Services Organization. 

  • Define Your Mission. Write down what your business sets out to do. Keep it brief and don’t overthink it. Just ask yourself why your business exists in the first place. 
  • Set the Vision. What does the future of your business look like? This establishes a clear goal you will work toward as your business grows. 
  • Establish Core Values. Your core values will outline how you do business. These may change over time, but it’s important to establish a set of beliefs your business will revolve around. 

After clarifying your mission, vision, and core values, you can dive into opportunities, differentiators, and initiatives. 

  • Identify Opportunities. The best thing you can do is ease a customer’s pain. So what pain are your potential customers currently experiencing? What are the current remedies and how can you improve upon them? 
  • Create Differentiators. Every brand needs to differentiate itself from its competitors. What sets you apart from the rest? Quality? Customer service? Consider what you can feasibly do better than your competitors and double down on it. 
  • Prioritize Initiatives. Your initiatives are like rungs on a ladder that take your business to new heights. Some you won’t have capacity for in the beginning, so think about where you’ll need to start and don’t take too much on at once. 

If your business can align on these points, growth will come much more easily. Read on for more key points and define them for yourself on the CROOW Strategy Map.


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