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Dance, Dance, Revolution

No, not the game—but a resounding theme in the spirited new ad from H&M. Following a number of controversies for the brand this year, H&M appears to be making strides to fix its image with this progressive (and star-studded) ad spot.

Filmed by Adam&Eve/DDB in Buenos Aires, the ad opens with Elizabeth Olsen ditching her boring (male) dance partner in favor of a more exuberant woman. This cues up a livelier song (shout out Young MC) and sets off a chain reaction of women dancing with one another. Among them are Imanan Hamma, Andrea Valle, and Winona Ryder.

Energized women spilled out into the streets wearing H&M’s spring line as the men merely look on from the sidelines. This one is all about the women as the ad exudes a palpable message of female empowerment.

Is it enough to forgive H&M’s recent faux pas? We’ll let the consumer decide that one. 


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