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Dash Hudson

Dash Hudson is not your average social media marketing platform. Dash Hudson takes your strategies to the next level by predicting the performance of photos and videos, analyzing trends, and accelerating brand growth across social media, entertainment, and e-commerce marketing channels.

Their new Competitive Insights tool gives you the data to see how your content stacks up against your competitors and industry. With Dash Hudson you can uncover opportunities to strengthen your content at your fingertips.

Dash Hudson features:

  • Competitive Insights: Benchmark your owned performance alongside your industry and competitors.
  • Content Analysis: Predict photo and video performance with visual AI.
  • Advanced Dashboards: Multi-brand, multi-channel reporting that is customized to your marketing strategy.
  • Social Analytics and Monitoring: Actionable insights across your key social media channels.
  • Collaborative Publishing: Plan, approve, schedule, and publish content all in one place.
  • LikeShop Link in Bio: Take your audience from your profile’s links to products and on-site content.
  • Partnership Management: All the metrics you need for a sophisticated influencer program.
  • Campaign Management: Measure the impact of your cross-channel campaigns.
  • Community Management: Engage with your audience and get sentiment insights—all within one social inbox.

Get started with a Dash Hudson demo to see all the features in action.


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