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Dealing with Zoom Conferencing Overwhelm?

Well, we’re about 4 weeks into social distancing and remote work. How’s that routine coming along?

If you’re riding the struggle bus, Woven can lend a helping hand. This next-generation smart calendar released a suite of tools designed to help maintain productivity and collaborate better. 

One of the key tools in the suite is Zoom integration. You’ll be able to turn those weird meeting URLs into simple “join call” buttons, streamline your entire day, and reduce the Zoom overwhelm. 

Other powerful tools joining Woven’s suite include, “Home” which highlights your important meetings for the day and “Analytics” which gives you actionable insights on how you spend your time. You can review it daily and weekly to ensure you’re spending your most valuable asset on the things you care the most about. 

Download it for Mac, iPhone, iPad, and Windows today for free.


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