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DIY SEO: 9 Powerful Techniques

Ew, another SEO article? Yup. We had to because SEO is pretty dang important. If you care about organic traffic to your website (or your client’s), you gotta pay attention to today’s Listen.

Brian Dean, the SEO superhero, breaks down 9 SEO techniques that you can use. The best part? All of his techniques don’t require any crazy technical know-how. With just a little effort, you’ll be shooting up the results page in no time. And you know what that means? Higher rankings = more traffic = more money. You can take Brian’s advice directly to the bank (not really).

The floor is yours, Brian…

  • (1:16) The top-ranked pages tend to use one of these 7 words in their title tags: Best, News, Reviews, Top, Guide, Information, or Community
  • (2:10) Find long tail keywords with “Searches related to…” You usually see this at the bottom of the search results page. Type in your keyword, look at the related searches, and create content around those searches.
  • (2:42) Use untapped sources for suggested keywords. Go to  YouTube, Wikipedia, Bing, and Amazon, and type in your keywords into the search bar. But, don’t hit enter. Take a look at the auto-complete options for your keyword. Those auto-completes can be new blog topics.
  • (3:32) Reduce your bounce rates already!
  • (5:37) Build backlinks from “link roundups.” Find link roundups in your industry and ask them to link to your content. Use this Google search command: “Keyword” + “link roundup” or “keyword” + “best of”. Then, reach out to those websites and tell them about your content!
  • (6:36) An example of a link building email that works.
  • (9:07) Google your target keywords. If the results page has a ton of rich features (like videos, news, knowledge graphs, snippets, etc), don’t target that keyword. You’re less likely to get clicks regardless of search volume.

You might notice today’s Listen takes you to a YouTube video. You’re probably asking yourself, “Is this Listen actually a video?” Yes. Do we care? Nah, it’s too good. We wild.


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