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Does Using Emojis on Instagram Lead to More Engagement?


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Just kidding… While it is definitely true that emojis do lead to more engagement, we’re going to explain why. After all, knowing the answer without showing your work is as bad today as it was when we were in 6th grade.

Agorapulse is the company behind this research. They conducted a study where they examined emoji use of Instagram accounts they own and some they don’t. When you look at the raw data, it looks like emojis are actually worse for engagement. But like any good data scientist, Agorapulse didn’t stop with the raw data.

They used a formula to level the playing field. Their formula is built to show performance regardless of profile size.

You know what? We’ll just let the pros at Agorapulse handle it…

  • (00:30) Using emojis in your Instagram posts have tangible value for your business.
  • (00:47) Quintly studied 29,000 Instagram profiles and concluded that using emojis leads to more interactions.
  • (01:30) That study showed a 15% increase in engagement by using emojis.
  • (02:12) Agorapulse conducted their own study because Quintly’s study was just averages of engagement numbers.
  • (03:46) They used a formula to see how profiles perform relative to their size. You can accurately compare smaller profiles against larger ones with this formula.
  • (04:51) In terms of performance, posts with emojis had at least a 3% higher interaction rate.
  • (05:51) The business value? Emojis make posts more personal and intimate.
  • (06:11) Emojis are also eye-catching. They’ll stop people from scroll through their feeds and pay more attention to your posts.

The article that goes along with this podcast has a ton of additional data and insight into emoji use.


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