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Don’t Buy This Car

You wouldn’t expect a car company to run a commercial about why you shouldn’t buy a car, but it’s 2018. Seems like all the conventional rules about selling are being tossed out the car window.

So here we are with an ad from Volvo, which uses a haunting cover of “My Favorite Things” to not sell their cars. We’re not kidding about this. Volvo created a haunting spot to not sell their cars. Don’t believe us, just read the closing line of the ad: “By not owning things, you are not owned by things.”

Weird, but the real reason they’re running this ad is that they want people to opt-in to their new Care by Volvo program. It’s kinda like Spotify, but for cars. Instead of buying a car, you pay a monthly fee and get a brand new Volvo to use. Plus, you get a new car every 24 months.

Definitely one of the weirder approaches to selling cars that we’ve seen.


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