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Dream a Little Dream of (Not) Me

Volkswagen took the road less traveled in their latest ad, in which kids have grand dreams about their future car… But, they’re not Volkswagens. What kid would actually dream about the dazzle-less Golf?

Instead, kids are rapt by race cars, DeLoreans, Lamborghinis, and Bugattis. One boy is even drawn to a car like a moth to a lamp, carelessly crossing the street, seconds away from serious danger…

That’s where Volkswagen comes in. We see Golf’s driver assistance services in action as the car comes to a halt in front the boy with the tagline, “Keep on dreaming, kids.”

“Many children dream of cars. Not everyone dreams of a Volkswagen. Fortunately, we think of them all when building a Volkswagen.” Reminds us of this poignant ad from Volvo, which also highlights third-party safety, a growing trend in today’s car commercials.  


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