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How to Drive Meaningful Interactions in Facebook Groups

Even though it seemed that social media’s goal was to distance real human interaction, Zuck is trying to bring people back together. “Meaningful interactions between friends and family” are The Way and businesses are now seeing way less organic reach. But you can still get your brand seen by sparking those social interactions. 

Building and managing a Facebook Group for your business is a great way to start fostering that kind of powerful engagement. Maybe you already have one and are interested in a stronger strategy. Either way, the article below is full of tips to help start driving significant interactions in your Facebook Group. 

That’s not only good for you, but it’s good for your community, too. 

Here are a few of those tips:

  1. Screen Prospective New Members – Facebook Groups are a community, so they should be treated as a safe space. The best way to weed out spam or other unsavory posts is to create a closed group and use questions to ask pending members. Then, continue to monitor conversations.
  2. Recognize New Members on a Consistent Basis – We like to do this by asking new members to introduce themselves in a thread. You can also welcome new members with a little welcome message and tag them in the post.
  3. Diversify Engagement Opportunities – As a group admin, it’s your role to encourage people to engage. Make sure you’re responding to questions, commenting on posts, and sharing questions or discussion prompts. My main man Mark does a stellar job at this.
    Try live video, too—they lead to amazing growth in engagement. Make an event out of it by posting on the same day at the same time.
  4. Spotlight Individual Members  – You don’t want to make your group all about you or your business. Giving your members a chance to interact and problem-solve together builds bonds and leads conversations in new directions. Feature content from group members, too! Or, prompt your members to share projects they’re proud of within a thread. 

More takeaways inside 


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