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Dynamic Content Approaches for Personalization

Here’s a reminder with your Monday morning coffee on why dynamic content is awesome ☕️ sip, sip.

It’s not a secret that personalized content get the people going. As marketers, we have more and more resources to provide users more individualized experiences based on their data.

Benefits of dynamic content:

  • A more personalized experience
  • A more guided buyer’s journey
  • More relevancy
  • More automation
  • A higher chance of engagement

Types of behaviors to use for dynamic content:

  • Buying behavior
  • Pages visited
  • Events visited
  • Location data
  • Customer lifecycle
  • Buyer personas

Dynamic content strategies to try:

  • Guided Funnels: Use campaigns based on content the user previously visited versus new users to help guide repeat or warmed up customers differently than new ones.
  • New Content: Sometimes dynamic content is just about keeping your content fresh and new to returning visitors.
  • Targeted Ads: Dynamic content can create a custom ad experience that keeps more relevant content in front of them.

Check out the full post by Search Engine Land for brand examples more tips.


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