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Email List Building

We preach it all the time, but you really gotta build up a strong email list. It’s more important than having a big Facebook following because you don’t own those FB followers. Like we’ve seen, when Facebook changes their algorithm, people stop seeing your updates.

Email is simpler. It’s direct. There are no fancy algorithms. As long as you’re creating serious value, people will open your emails.

Today’s Listen is going to help you build up that email list. We’ll let the folks at Brand Newsroom take it away…

  • (1:49) Exit popups are the lowest hanging fruit to get new subscribers because it doesn’t distract from the visitor’s experience. Although, we’re not actually the biggest fan of them here at the Carnage. It’s like, “please don’t leave, we’ll do anything…”
  • (4:09) But, exit popups do have a 9% conversion rate so use your judgment on implementing one of those things.
  • (4:32) The core fundamental of a landing page is having no distractions. Make it simple and clear to convert on. Don’t give people links to other things, don’t give them anywhere to scroll, just give the offer.
  • (5:00) Optimize your landing pages for search. You can actually get a landing page to rank highly in Google which means a continual flow of new subscribers.
  • (6:55) You should give away content to people who will never, ever buy from you. Look at celebrity chefs, for example, they’re hugely successful yet they still give away recipes and cooking tips fo’ free.
  • (9:07) How do you find your lead magnet (the content that actually drives new subscribers)? It’s usually right under your nose. It’s the things that you’re talking about in 1:1 communication with your customers.

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