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Energy Management vs. Time Management: Why Energy Should Come First

Would you look at the time?? If you’re struggling to keep up with your workday, or wondering where the day went, you’re not alone. In the 2022 Mailchimp & Co Benchmark Report, 30% of responders said that time management is one of the biggest challenges they face. But productivity is not just about minutes and hours. It’s about the energy you invest. Here are 5 tips for managing your energy to maximize your productivity:

Identify what boosts (and drains) your energy. Everyone is different, but boosters can be anything like a short walk, snacks, and intentional breaks (not only when you’re having a breakdown). Look out for things that drain you, too, like too much screentime, junk food, and lack of sleep.

Set boundaries to help preserve your energy. It’s easier said than done to draw lines in the sand for you, your relationships, your work life. Just like in step 1 for understanding what boosts you and drains you, set boundaries that have the power to increase your energy—and protect it.

Delegate tasks to help you stay energized. We know there are a lot of superhuman marketing departments of 1 out there, but you have to be careful of putting too much on your shoulders. Hand off specific responsibilities to team members or subcontractors to create more opportunities for your own plate. Share responsibilities and lead the charge for clear communication.

Monotasking over multitasking. When you are less distracted, you can accomplish more by doing less. Monotasking means focusing on one thing at a time. Simply create a list of your core tasks with completion goals, then schedule specific focus time for each item, one at a time. 

Automate to help you achieve more in less time. We live in a world where so many tasks can be made easier with automation tools. Use them to unlock more opportunities to relax and restock your energy supplies.

These are solid tips for self-management, but if you need a little extra guidance, check out Mailchimp & Co.’s Energy Tracker to record your daily activity throughout your work week.

Don’t forget to check out the full 2022 Mailchimp & Co. Benchmark Report for more tips, tricks, and tools.


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