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Engage Your Customers Without Annoying Them

As marketers, it’s easy to be annoying. It’s something we’re always fighting against. Sometimes you’re just too close to your own marketing to realize that you’re being annoying.

Time to take a step back and examine your marketing. Kissmetrics is dropping the knowledge today with 5 strategies you can take to stop annoying your customers and prospects.

  1. Prioritize Your Customers’ Needs. Your customers are more important than your own agenda. Without customers, you don’t have a company to market. (Bonus read: 5 Myths About Customer Needs)
  2. Stay Away from Information Overload. Sometimes you need to educate your customers, but don’t blast them with so much information that they can’t handle. (Wait, are we guilty of this one?)
  3. Convey Every Message Differently. Sending 10 emails with the same message, even if it’s phrased differently, isn’t helpful. If your message didn’t hit home the first time, try a different approach.
  4. Avoid Inconvenient Surprises. What’s the one thing everyone hates about Ticketmaster? All those added fees at checkout. Be as transparent as possible with everything from pricing to customer support response times.
  5. Engage in a Timely Manner. Rather than shoving everyone into the same email list, use if-then logic that engages customers based on actions they take.


When interacting with customers, ask yourself if what you’re doing is actually helping them or just selling to them.


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