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Everything You Need to Know About Conversion Rates

We got news! Moz launched a podcast and we could not be more hyped for it, especially their first episode.

It’s about conversion rates. Wait, wait, wait! We know, that’s a boring topic, but this isn’t a “best practices” podcast. This is a podcast that dives into the biggest research project ever conducted about conversion rates. …that didn’t make it sound more exciting, did it? Just stick with us…

Unbounce analyzed 74 million landing page visitors (that’s, like, a lot) to see what caused them to take action on a page. They took all of that research and jammed it into a report broken down by industry because they found that conversion rates differ dramatically by industry. Everything you need to know about the report is covered in today’s Listen.

Take it away Brian and Carl…

  • (8:54) Write your landing page copy for your audience. If you have a complex topic, make it as simple as possible for your visitors to understand what you do.
  • (10:23) Copy is just about the most important thing on a landing page. A good copywriter will be able to increase your conversion rate.
  • (13:25) How marketers can utilize the report.
  • (17:00) Landing pages have evolved over time and it’s best to stay up to date on trends. You might still be using “best” practices from 5 years ago.
  • (20:30) Unbounce tries to stay away from best practices because they don’t always work. Sometimes you just gotta trust the numbers.
  • (23:00) Using words that try to build anticipation can actually kill your conversion rates. It comes down to authenticity. People know that your tool isn’t going to change their life. It might improve their lives, but it’s unlikely to totally change it.

This report is so dang good that you gotta check it out yourself. We ungated it for you riiiight here. (Sorry, Unbounce, but least you got a backlink out of this.)

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