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Everything You Need to Know About Email Scrubbing

A lot goes into email marketing. We know this and we’re sure y’all know too. One element that has some question is caring for your list. So let’s talk about email scrubbing. Specifically with the help of Sleeknote.

What does it mean anyway to scrub an email list? Well, the goal is to maintain a healthy, active list, so you cut out unengaged subscribers. With regular practice, you’ll improve open rate, CTR, lead quality, and more.

Now let’s get into the when and how!

  • How do you know when it’s time to get your scrub on? That’s the big Q. Luckily, Sleeknote has three classic signs to look for:
    • A noticeable decline in open rate and/or CTR
    • A high number of recent spam complaints
    • A large number of people have recently unsubscribed
  • How frequently should you trim an email list? Well, there’s not a straight answer. Some practice once every 6 months or once a quarter. The more aggressively you grow your list, the more frequently you should clean it. 

On a general level, here’s how to effectively scrub your list.

1. Identify inactive subscribers. Do this by considering send frequency and content promotion.

2. Inactivity aside, you’ll also want to cut out duplicates, spam, or misspelled email addresses. Eliminating duplicates is fairly straight forward. Spam addresses are the fishy letter/number combos that will hurt ROI. Misspelled emails aren’t going to an inbox, which can cause overall deliverability issues.

3. Segment undesirable subscribers. With the email marketing platform of your choosing, create an inactive segment by adding the criteria that define inactivity. 

All doesn’t have to end as inactivity clouds your email campaigns. As a last-ditch attempt, try wining back those folks with a personalized email. But when that fails, it’s time to kick ’em out of your list.

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