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Extract Powerful Data from Your Social Media

Raise your hand if you love a good spreadsheet with rows and rows of data… ::quietly raises hand::

Good news for all you data lovers (and haters) out there, we’re whipping your social media data into shape today. It’s like boot camp…for your data.

First, you gotta start with a spreadsheet (CoSchedule has a great template). With your spreadsheet ready, go to each of your social media pages and look at your post insights. Drop all of that data into your spreadsheet.

Now you’ve gotta figure out what caused each post to get that organic reach. Start by asking questions. A few examples:

  • Do posts with a positive/negative tone get more reach?
  • Did we use questions in the posts?
  • What about emojis? Did those affect the post?
  • What time did the posts go out?
  • What type of post did we use? (Link, image, video, etc)
  • What colors did we use?

Once you’ve boiled down all that data, you can figure out what types of posts resonated the best with your audience. Maybe all of those hashtags you’re using actually decreased your reach for some reason (we’ve seen that exact thing happen with Facebook).

Anyway, download the template and get moving.


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