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Facebook A/B Testing Tips: 12 Tips for Improving Your Tests

Online shopping is easier than ever, but shopping in-store has its advantages. If you’re looking for new outfits, you’ll want to try before you buy. We’ve all received clothes in the mail that either didn’t fit or didn’t look quite right on us. Plus, how would you go about shopping with friends online? It’s just not as fun.

Narrowing down your shopping selection to two outfits and trying them both on is the old school A/B test. It’s still you either way, but which outfit is more you. Speaking of A/B testing, Databox is sharing 12 tips for improving your Facebook A/B tests.

  • Limit the changes you make. Obviously, we all want to find the right formula that works best, and there are many variables to test. While you can certainly take the time to test all your variables, only do so one at a time. If you test two or three variables at once, you won’t know which one may have played the biggest role in the success or failure of the test.
  • Take advantage of the Facebook algorithm. Nobody knows Facebook like Facebook. The platform knows who your audience is, so it’s worth taking advantage of what Facebook has to offer to reach your audience, namely Campaign Budget Optimization.
  • Consider the time frame. A/B tests put your ads out into the real world and report results back to you. To gather quality results, you must allow enough time for the tests. Four days tends to be the sweet spot, so start with that and adjust accordingly. A smaller audience may need more time, while larger audiences can stick to the lower end of the spectrum.
  • Consider human psychology. People process information in a “think, feel, know” format. Appeal to the way people think and you’ll have more positive results in attracting their attention.

Read the full list of tips from Databox.


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