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Facebook Ads: Creative Ways to Attract Customers

At this point, what else can we really say about Facebook ads? We love them, our clients love them, you might be a Carnage subscriber because of one. 

The problem is that Facebook ads are quickly changing, and marketers aren’t keeping up. Your ads are likely performing, so you think you’re keeping up, but like we said yesterday…there’s always room for improvement.

And Zach Spuckler is going to help you get there, with tips like: 

  1. Common Facebook ad fails that he sees. Don’t copy what your competitors do. That doesn’t make you unique. It just makes you blend in.
  2. Users are getting smart to what ads look like on Facebook, but that doesn’t mean you should trick them into clicking on your ad.
  3. What to measure to make sure your ads are actually working. Sure, leads are cool, but Qualified Leads are so much more important.
  4. Start using Facebook Live to warm up your audience. Engagement is 10x higher on Live than any other format. Facebook Live is so hot right now.

If you wanna skip Zach’s story and get right to the good stuff, start at 13:45.

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