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Facebook Ads Scrutinized: The Top & the Flops

Ever wonder how the experts would rate your Facebook ads? Well, we don’t have that for you today. But what we do have is how Adespresso rated several other companies’ ads. After all, “leading by example” was, like, rule #3 in elementary school.

Advertising on Facebook isn’t a crapshoot. It’s a scientific formula. A top-chef recipe. AdEspresso is baking the perfect ad down to four ingredients: (1) High-impact creatives, (2) engaging headlines, (3) brief text, and (4) stimulating call-to-actions. When mixed correctly, you’ll have an ad from a flop.

Each ad chosen for this article was taken from AdEspresso’s Ads Gallery and examined through a series of parameters to see if the ad “passed” or “failed.” Here are the elements they were paying attention to and why:

  1. The Visual aspect (both still images or video), because this is the first element to grab the user’s attention
  2. The Headline, because it contributes to arousing the users’ curiosity and tempts them to know more about the advertised product or service
  3. We will also analyze the Ad text, and give you precious tips on how to make it perfect
  4. Last but not least, we’ll consider other important elements of an ad: the landing page, the social proof or the CTA.

Because this article is really about seeing these ads and scores up close and personal, this one def requires a closer read.


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