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Facebook Ads Secrets with Jaymie Tarshis

Every now and then we stumble across a podcast featuring a Carnage subscriber. When that happens, we get super stoked, and today’s Listen is one of those days.

Jaymie Tarshis is a loyal subscriber (Hi, Jaymie!) and a Digital Marketing Strategist who solely focuses on Facebook ads. She’s a serious Facebook pro, and today she’s talking about some of her secrets to running a successful Facebook ad campaign.

Her biggest secret? You really need to strategize before launching your Facebook ads. If you’re just copying what other companies are doing with their ads, you’re gonna have a bad time.

(Insider’s Tip: Jaymie is a featured speaker at a soon-to-be-announced marketing conference coming up in Pittsburgh later this year.)

Take it away, Jaymie!

  • (04:40) Facebook ads can work so well, but you have to take a true strategy-driven approach to get them to perform well. Copying what others are doing isn’t going to work for you.
  • (05:26) Facebook is a sophisticated platform that changes constantly. An ad strategy that worked for one company might not work for you because of the constant change.
  • (06:39) Jaymie gives an example of a really successful Facebook ad campaign she ran for one client.
  • (10:07) Jaymie’s worst entrepreneurial moment was offering every digital marketing service she could think of and taking on jobs that didn’t make financial sense.
  • (13:24) Niche down! You can’t be everything to everyone. If you want to be successful in marketing your business, you need to focus on one big problem that you can solve, rather than 10 little problems.
  • (15:04) Get personal with your audience. What is it that they really want? You can find this by asking in targeted Facebook groups, polling your email list, or asking your social media followers.
  • (18:05) Jaymie explains how much should you spend on Facebook ads.

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