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Facebook Dark Posts: Using the Dark Side to Boost Performance

Come to the dark side, marketers. It’s not bad over here, we don’t have Darth Vader. We also don’t have Yoda. Just keep that in mind when you’re coming to the dark side. Unless you count Seth Godin. He’s basically the modern-day marketing Yoda. So yeah, we do actually have Yoda.

Another thing we have on the dark side: Facebook ads that perform really well. That’s really why we want you to come over here.

We’re talking specifically about Dark Posts, which are ads that are built differently than a traditional Facebook ad. Despite their name, dark posts aren’t actually dangerous, illegal, unethical, immoral, or anything like that. 

A dark post is basically a way to hack Facebook to allow you to use one ad across multiple ad sets and audiences.

So why would you do this? Pretty simple. Traditionally, when you have one ad that would be great across multiple ad sets and audiences, you have to create that separate ad multiple times.

The problem with this is that when you’re splitting your ad like that, social proof gets scattered across all of those different ads.  That sucks because Facebook ad performance depends on social proof.

The good news? Dark posts allow you to aggregate all of that social proof on one ad. You can still have multiple audiences, but now you’re getting that social proof in one place.

To do this, you’re going to need to get the post ID from the original dark post and replicate it across multiple ad sets.

Getting that post ID is actually pretty simple, but we’re running out of room here so you’re going to need to jump into the actual article for the full scoop.


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