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Find All Your Branded Keywords In Seconds (Plus 13 Tips for Brand Query SEO)

Have you ever Googled your company? Take a second now, and give it a go.

Searching your company has more strategic value than you may believe. When you do, you’ll find branded keywords and phrases that can help you…

  • Improve your ranking
  • Understand what your audience knows about you
  • Discover reputation issues
  • See your top competitors
  • Uncover gaps in your content

Orbit Media shows us how we can find all our branded keywords in seconds and they offer 13 tips for brand query SEO, too.

First, where to look after you hit search.

Three sources of branded key phrases are Google suggest and autocomplete, related searches, and your queries report. The first two are quicker, but your queries report can be easily found in Google Analytics under Acquisition>Search Console>Queries.

Once you know exactly which of your branded key phrases people are searching for, go ahead and search all of them yourself. These are some of the things you may find:

  • Other sites ranking for your brand’s topics. For example, a search for “Adler Planetarium” yields the phrase suggestion “Adler Planetarium wedding.” However, the top result comes from a different site than Adler’s. Adler Planetarium can add a page on weddings and they’ll likely rank first on that search fairly quick.
  • Sitelinks. We have no control over which 6 links are shown, but we do know they get lots of visibility compared to other pages on a site. Make sure the linked pages are up to date and set them up as quality landing pages. You can’t choose it, but you can work with it.
  • The “Knowledge Panel” for your brand. Google does a good job of listing basic info about your business, but make sure it’s all correct. Go into Google My Business and make necessary adjustments, select the correct business category, and add quality photos if you haven’t already.

Give yourself a search and think about what the results indicate. Don’t miss the rest of these 13 tips from Orbit Media.


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