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Fishy Business

If you’ve ever played Pictionary, you know it’s way more fun when you get the answer wrong. More laughs are had when someone is trying to draw a bicycle, and his/her teammates are yelling out, “PALM TREE! LAMP! ROLLERSKATES!”

A new ad campaign from Pictionary plays off of people getting it wrong by showing them living with their wrong guesses. For today’s Watch, we’ve got a guy wearing a fish as a necktie. The ad puts him in everyday situations—eating lunch, giving a presentation, at a party—while wearing the fish. Pretty safe to say that a necktie and a fish aren’t very similar, but when you’re in the heat of Pictionary, you never know what guesses you’re going to throw out there.

The ad finishes with the new tagline: Fun when you get it. More fun when you don’t. Something we wholeheartedly agree with.


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