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Five stats to improve your 2021 marketing strategy

Believe it or not, we’re about to enter Q4 2020. Just enough time for Mother Nature to round off the year with a sharknado or whatever comes next. 

We’ve all learned how we can shift our strategies in response to national and global events. Marketing strategies will always need fine-tuning going forward, but these points will get you started off on the right foot.

While we approach the holiday season, it’s not too early for some future planning, and Sprout Social has five stats for improving your 2021 marketing strategy.

  • People follow brands on social to stay up to date on new products and services. 57% of consumers look for new products and services on brands’ social feeds. Statistically, the majority of your followers want these updates, so make sure you deliver and keep them up to speed.
  • Poor customer service will chase away your social followers. Y’all know firsthand the importance of great customer service. 49% of consumers said they would unfollow a brand with poor customer service. If your customer service is lacking, then it’s time for an overhaul. Even if you have a great customer service model in place, keep in mind 79% of consumers expect you’ll respond to their questions and concerns within 24 hours.
  • Images and videos are a must-have for engaging social followers. This point comes up more and more in how-to articles and marketing discussions, so don’t ignore it. 68% of consumers want images in the content they consume and 50% want video. With the many tools and pools of photographs and other templates at our disposal, adding images and video to content has never been easier.

Read on for a couple more points you can incorporate into your 2021 marketing strategy.


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