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Five Steps to Generating & Converting More Leads in 2021 and Beyond

The fact that we’re living in the digital age has never been more apparent than in 2020. Without the opportunities we have online, this year would be even more difficult than it currently is. Suffice to say, investments in digital infrastructure and capabilities will be crucial in 2021. Invest in your own digital needs with Convince & Convert’s five steps to generating and converting more leads in 2021 and beyond.

  • Start Building Sustainable Customer Relationships. Generating new leads is tough. Much of your SEO is dedicated to getting people to your website. So what’s next when you finally get them there? A CRM can save you a lot of trouble by keeping track of various touchpoints and informing remarketing decisions, so your leads don’t go cold.
  • Match Your Content to Customers’ Expectations. This is a case of meeting people where they are. Some of your visitors are in the learning phase of the buyer’s journey, and some are ready to buy. Tailor content around the various stages of the journey so you can best represent peoples’ needs.
  • Customize Returning Users’ Experience. Getting repeat visitors is important since they are more likely to convert. They’re already familiar with your brand and they come back to your site knowing what they’re looking for. Create banners and CTAs surrounding the campaigns that initially drove them to your site.
  • Create and Market More Videos. Videos are becoming more and more effective. The use of video on landing pages can increase conversions by a whopping 86%. You don’t need to be a pro video editor to create a great landing page video; countless programs make it a breeze.
  • Create More Engaging Landing Pages. A site needs to captivate its visitors. Set your site up for success with a well-crafted headline, and testimonials displaying real-life benefits others experienced from your products and services. You have about five seconds to hook someone, so dedicate quality time to optimizing landing pages.

Read on for all the details we couldn’t hit.


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