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Five Ways to Boost Your Email Campaigns’ Inbox Placement in 2020

In case there’s any confusion, we’re big fans of email marketing. It’s truly the bee’s knees of the marketing world. Why? It’s dependable, adds value, and don’t get us started on that ROI. What more can a marketer ask from a platform?

And the wise crew at MarketingProfs totally agree. So much so they published an article to help you boost inbox placement. Let’s get into those tips, shall we?

1. Don’t ambush your mailing lists during peak times. Instead, gradually increase email outreach ahead of major seasons. This approach offers the ability to build awareness, a high likelihood of engagement with new & existing subscribers, and react to metrics in real-time.

2. Don’t send the same email to everyone on your lists. You should leverage the power of audience segmentation. A targeted or personalized approach to email is a great way to keep your subscribers engaged.

3. Don’t suddenly go rogue. It’s fine to get creative and try new things but it’s good business to stick to your brand’s best practices. Think about the Daily Carnage – we throw in some new stuff, test the waters a bit, but we never stray too far from what works.

4. Don’t keep emailing subscribers who aren’t engaged. Practice list hygiene. Our open rates are in the 40s because we do this religiously. We want to keep delivering value to those who want to hear from us.

5. Don’t forget about the competition. Craft compelling subject lines that way yours gets opened over the others. MarketingProfs suggests being friendly, yet direct with factual peek into what’s inside.

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