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Funny You Should Ask…

Google is putting the “ad” in “shade” with their latest spot teasing the release of the new Pixel smartphone.

That ain’t the only thing getting teeeeased in this 30-second ad.

In the wake of Apple’s iPhone X announcement — swiftly followed by mass public outcry ranging from face-recognition fear to “wtf happened to the iPhone 9?” to “ LOL, HOW much is it?” — Google took this opportunity to drag its competitor. 

Given its timely release, subtle delivery, and the brilliant use of Big Pun’s ‘90s hit, “Still Not a Player”, the ad makes a statement in a great way. In a way that makes you think that, when your iPhone eventually 7 kicks the bucket, you won’t have to settle for the X or whatever the hell is next.

Here’s what we want to know: will they still make an “S” version? The iPhone XS?

…The iPhone Excess. 


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