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Generate Leads from Video

We know that video is going to play a huge role in the future of marketing, but the big question is: How do you actually get leads from video? Sunny Lenarduzzi is here with the answers! Sunny’s a video pro, a social media pro, and a marketing pro – she’s just straight up good at what she does. So, trust us when we say, Sunny is gonna teach you how to get leads from your video marketing efforts.

Here are her tips:

  • Tactic 1: Free Consultation with Facebook Live. Teach something to your followers! Carnage tip: This is a great time to reuse an old blog post that performed well.
  • Tactic 2: Lead Magnets! You know, the add-ons to your content that people have to download something to learn more. Why aren’t you using lead magnets in your videos already?
  • Tactic 3: Quizzes. Yes, quizzes! It’s a great way to build engagement and, eventually, get them into your marketing funnel.

It’s only 5 minutes – why not watch it while ignoring that email from your coworker?


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