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Get 10,000 Hyper-Targeted Website Visitors in 3 Weeks

We gotta ask you a question: is your content attracting the right audience? If your content isn’t attracting the right people, then you’re just wasting your time…and money.

This is the problem that Modernweb was running into. They were creating content, but weren’t writing content for the right audience.

So how did they fix it?

Modernweb hired a content marketing agency, Grow & Convert. G&C took a serious look at the previous posts that were published on Modernweb’s blog. They noticed that the content was way too technical for their target audience. It was great at attracting lower-level people who weren’t decision makers in their target organizations.

Once they figured that out, it was time to get down to business. Here’s what G&C did to create a new content plan that resulted in 10,000 new website visitors in just 3 weeks.

  1. Start with extensive user research. If you’re just guessing as to who your customers are, you might be way off.
  2. Figure out your target customer’s actual day-to-day pain points. In this case, the decision makers weren’t focused on technical issues like Modernweb thought.
  3. Build a content strategy. They started from scratch with this and pivoted from the old content strategy. Modernweb’s target audience wanted to hear stories from other industry experts who had solved their pain points. This was the jumping off point for their new content strategy.
  4. Get in touch and interview other industry experts.
  5. Promote that content. If you’re publishing and not promoting, are you really even publishing? (Obviously yes, but you need to get your content out there so people read it.) We’ve written about content promotion a lot. It’s vital to your content marketing!

So much more in this case study that we couldn’t cover…


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