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Got something new for you today. Okay, it’s not that new, but it is definitely going to make a big difference in your digital marketing. If you really want to beat your competitors, you’re gonna wanna drop this into your marketing budget for 2018.

Fair warning, it’s not easy to implement, but if we only told you the easy things, you’d be an average marketer. If you just want to be an average marketer, you can stop reading now. 

So what is this thing? It’s called Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP). It essentially allows your website to load almost instantly and can seriously improve user-experience, which in turn improves search engine rankings and your company’s bottom line. When three anonymous media websites converted to AMP, they all saw an increase in organic traffic of 30-70%.

AMP is supported and promoted by Google, Bing, Baidu, Twitter, basically everyone. You’ve probably seen it when clicking on a link while on your phone – it’s a page that seems like it was already loaded before you clicked on it. To see it in action, Google “Thrillist” from your phone and click on one of their recent articles.

But, it’s not just for media websites. E-comm companies are getting in on the fun and seeing huge results.

Now the bad news. Like we said, it’s not easy to implement. You need to take the time to do it right.

Yes, there are WordPress plugins that you can use to implement AMP, but they might actually hurt your site performance. Stone Temple Consulting found this out the hard way. They tested a plugin and saw almost all website metrics tank.

But, when Stone Temple went back and built an AMP template themselves, they saw an increase in all of the important website metrics (bounce rate, pages/session, average session duration, etc.).


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