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Get Leads Without Gates

…no, not Bill Gates.

But peep this stat of the day: 81% of tech buyers who come across gated content don’t fill out the form. Yikes.

The ol’ gated vs. ungated content debate is still raging. Strong arguments have been made from both sides. But, we’re settling that debate today. Once and for all.

Okay, not really. It’s a complex topic and basically comes down to you—your business, your audience, and your goals. But, our pals over at Drift make a really strong case for ungating all of your content in today’s Read.

One caveat: if you’re ungating all of your content, you can’t just let all that traffic go unattended to. You’ll need some way to engage with the right visitors. In Drift’s case, they use a website bot managed by AI. That’s easier than it sounds, we promise.

Here’s how they capture and qualify leads without using forms:

The Three Visit Rule. You need to accept that not everyone who reads your content is going to be a customer. If someone visits your blog twice, there’s a better chance they might be interested in what you sell. But, three times? Now we’re talking. Drift’s chat feature only appears for visitors who have stopped by their blog three times.

That chat function is just a bot for the first step. The bot asks a series of questions that prompt someone to sign up for a demo. If the person agrees, the bot has the ability to schedule the demo right there in the chat feature.

Another important point about going ungated: your content needs to be good enough that someone will remember your name and want to come back to your blog. If you’re still having that intern write content for free, it’s likely not good enough.

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