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Get More Readers When No One Knows You

You know the best thing about blogging? You can just flip on the ol’ blogging machine and instantly get readers and subscribers.

Sike! We all know it ain’t that easy.

Let’s say you did just flip on the blogging machine, how do you actually get readers to your blog? It’s not easy, but today’s Read has got you covered.

Get More Readers:

  1. Be ready for the traffic you get. When you start off, you need to capture every possible visitor that hits your site. That means having lead captures in place (slide-in CTA’s ftw). Also, your website can’t look like dog food. Design matters!
  2. Answer the right questions. This one is easier said than done. Write a blog post for every question you’ve ever been asked about your industry. Every. Question.
  3. Swing for the fences. When was the last time you truly swung for the fences with a piece of content? If you want influencers to share and link to your content, develop an amazing piece.
  4. Be a social butterfly. You don’t have to be on all social platforms. Pick the best one for your industry and do what it takes to get out there.
  5. Buy some traffic. Don’t spend a ton on ads. We’re huge fans of running tiny campaigns with $50 behind them. But, seriously, make sure your landing page is 100 if you’re going to buy traffic.

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