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Get Your Content in Google’s Answer Box

Google is getting good at understanding the questions you’re asking and actually giving an answer. (Sorry Siri, Google’s got you beat here.) You may have even noticed the answer box that appears when you search certain questions.

That answer box is called a Featured Snippet, and getting your content to land there can result in a huge boost of traffic to your website. That’s what we’re always looking for.

Today’s Read is going to help get your content to land there. Here are some of the tips:

First, use tools like SEMRush, Answer the Public, or Bloomberry to monitor what questions are being asked and not properly answered.

Then, optimize your content to answer that question in a way that Google understands:

  1. State the question verbatim on the page
  2. Use a heading tag for the question
  3. Clearly answer the question in a few sentences
  4. Use one page to answer one question

That’s the gist of it, but this article goes waaayyy deeper.


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