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Go Live and Conquer

Facebook Live is the future, ya’ll. Well, it has all the makings to give your business a brighter future, at least – and that’s huge.

Thanks to their authenticity – a welcomed feature in this heavily-filtered age – Live videos connect you deeper to your audience. Your viewers can now be part of the conversation, interacting with your content in newer and more memorable ways.

And let’s not forget how about Facebook algorithms prioritize live videos. (Increase your reach, fam!)

If you’re not quite sold on the benefits of Live videos, today’s Read will definitely get you there with 9 ways your business can use Facebook Live to thrive.  

Here’s all 9, but get your read on to see how they benefit businesses and audiences alike.

  1. Respond to blog comments, Q&As, and FAQs
  2. Provide live customer service
  3. Film interviews  
  4. Give viewers behind-the-scenes access
  5. Highlight new products
  6. Host webinars
  7. Live online classes
  8. Marketing campaigns and events
  9. Daily tips

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