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What’s a good conversion rate for my landing page?

What is a good landing page conversion rate? It’s a hefty question. One that we get all the time and so do the folks at Unbounce. We recommend the first step to answer that Q is looking to industry standards from a reliable source. 

Here’s why benchmarks can energize your marketing strategy:

  1. Identify gaps between your performance and your industry’s baseline conversion rate. 
  2. Build a culture of continuous improvement
  3. Help you see where you can optimize based on data-supported best practices. 

Unbounce is sharing its 2020 Conversion Benchmark Report that’s more than worthy of the title. See Unbounce used machine learning to analyze 186.9 million visits to 34,132 Unbounce-built landing pages. This means reliable, median (not average) conversion rates broken down to 16 key industries.  

Let’s take the next step and go beyond the benchmarks. How can you use this AI-backed research to improve your conversion rates? 

  • Look at how you’re communicating with your audience. You want the fewest hurdles coming between your audience and your offer, so clarity is your goal. This means understanding your audience’s reading ease. Do they respond to straight-forward or sophisticated language?
  • Evaluate the length of your landing page. There’s no magic answer here. Depending on your offer and industry, you might need more or fewer words to get your point across.  What do you need to say to make your offer clear and appealing? 
  • Relate to your audience through emotion. After all, emotions are a driving force to buyer behavior. For example, “trust” wording might not work as well as “anticipation” wording. 
  • A/B testing is the best way to confirm your efforts. Hands down. Industry benchmarks reveal trends and learnings for you to see where you can improve, but A/B testing will confirm what does or doesn’t work for your business. 

A good conversion rate is one that can be improved upon. Read on to the Tools and snag Unbounce’s report.


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