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Good/Fast/Cheap Is Dumb

Have you heard of this game of pick two? Good/Fast/Cheap.

If it’s good and fast, it’s going to be expensive.

If it’s good and cheap, it’s going to take time.

If it’s fast and cheap, it’s likely going to be junk.

And if you want all 3? It’s not possible.

But is this a uptopia we as marketers, business owners, and consultants made up on our own? Are we compromising when we don’t have to?

The Solution to the Good/Fast/Cheap ultimatum:

Fast will forever be part of the equation because that is the world we live in. Good is good, that has to stay. So that leaves cheap. It has to be replaced with a different concept…


You have to be loud out there.

Instead of picking two, this is the actual golden triangle you need to be thinking of when it comes to hiring and selling services. By “loud,” we mean it has to cut through the constant content against which every brand is competing. If it isn’t loud, no one out there’s going to hear (or care). And cheap won’t make up for that.

Check out more of this little philosophy switch from Warren Cockrel’s piece in Muse by Clio.


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