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Google Ads CTR: What’s Considered “Good” and How Can You Increase It?

We’re tackling click-through-rates this AM. Specifically, when it comes to Google Ads (GA), and Databox is here to help with all the details! Buckle up, crew ’cause this ride is taking off.

First stop, let’s get clear with click-through-rate. It’s the rate of people clicking on your ad after seeing it. Next, the golden question. What’s a good CTR? After interviewing 88 paid expert marketers, Databox found a satisfying CTR is between 4% to 5%. But ultimately, this rate varies on scenario or industry.

But what happens if you’re not satisfied with your CTR and you want to improve it. Here are some tactics for you!

Prioritize Your Quality Score. Google describes this metric as an overall rating on user experience that your ads and landing pages provide when users search for your keyword(s).

A high QS means a higher ranking for your ad, which will help your CTR. Working to improve your Quality Score can include adjustments on keywords, ads, or landing pages. So keep an eye on factors like

  • Ad relevancy when someone searches for a particular keyword.
  • The landing page matches what the ad is offering and vice versa.

Create separate ad groups for each location. An ad group is where you set up your targeted audience. And leveraging a geo-targeted ad can be a really effective technique to increase accuracy.

  • One strategy is adjusting the default setting from “Users located in or interested in your specified geographic location,” to “Users in the geographic location you specify.”

Use negative keywords to weed out irrelevant queries. The goal isn’t to reach the masses. You want your campaign’s search intent to align with the user’s search intent. This is where negative keywords can help because it narrows the pool.

We only got to 3 tactics, but Databox covers several more. Smash the button, folks!


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