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Google’s Tips for Building Trust

Google expects a certain level of trustworthiness before displaying your business offers to potential customers. Consider these four key areas of focus for building trust with customers:

Business Identity

  • Use one official business name across the web.
  • Share your unique story in an About Us page on your site.
  • Link customers to your social media channels.


  • Provide clear, detailed policies regarding shipping, returns, and privacy.
  • Be transparent about your business model and operations.

Online reputation

  • Display reviews and testimonials about your products to help potential customers understand how to use your products or how other customers have used them.
  • Display any relevant badges or seals of approval from third-party sources.
  • Make sure customers know how to contact you or request product support.
  • Promote blog content and share third-party content your business has been featured in.

Professional design

  • Install an SSL certificate so customers know that their sensitive data is stored securely.
  • Ensure that your site is accessible, easy to navigate, and free of broken links or unnecessary redirects.
  • Avoid placeholders for text and images.

Check out Google’s full post for next steps.


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