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Google’s Title and Meta Description Tips

It’s all in the details. The details this time being SERP-friendly desciptions and titles.

The Meta Measurements:

  • TITLES: Under or approximately 60 characters.
  • DESCRIPTIONS: Between 150 and 160 characters.

Best Practices For A Good Headline or Title Tag in 2022:

  • Describe the page’s content accurately. Google knows when you’re just keyword cramming.
  • Create unique titles for each page. This helps Google know how the page is different from the other pages.
  • Keep it brief but descriptive.
  • Use high-value keywords when possible.

Best Practices For A Good Meta Description Length in 2022:

Second verse, same as the first. You pretty much wanna follow the same course of action as titles but with some slight details in mind.

  • Accurately summarize the page content. Google recommends longer over shorter.
  • NOTE: Users may see different sized snippets as Google tests out pulling content from pages depending on how and what a user searches.
  • Use unique descriptions for each page. This is especially user-friendly for searches that could result in multiple pages from your domain in the SERP.
  • Don’t forcefully include your primary keyword and related keywords. It all has to read naturally.

Check out the full post by SEOPressor for the latest Google Search updates and more meta data deets.


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