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Graphic Design to UI/UX: A Comprehensive Guide to Transitioning

We’ve talked before about designers expanding their skillset. But like, how do you do that? There’s a lot of overlap in the design world when it comes to visual and product design.

The thing is there are a lot of nuanced skills involved with aspects of UI and UX. How do you transition to a completely different set of design skills? Designer up has the full guide of how to do it. 

The big differences between Design and UX:

Graphic designers and visual designers usually deal in static visuals, they are concerned with color, texture, shadow, shape, and light. They don’t instinctively think in terms of movement, action, and tasks. UI/UX designers are always thinking in terms of user actions and components for a design. But one of the biggest differences is the reliance on user data and feedback has on UX and product design. 

Where to Expand Your Disciplines:

Focus on the thinking process and techniques for these disciplines:

  • User Research
  • User Experience Design
  • Information Architecture
  • User Interaction Design
  • Usability Principles
  • User Interface Design

Once you play in these areas, you can begin honing in the skills you are strongest in. When it comes to UI/UX design, you don’t want to label yourself as a generalist. Find your niche! 

Portfolio Time:

UI/UX designers have to put on their marketing hat when it comes to presenting their work. It’s not just about creative eye and execution. It’s about product performance. Designers making a transition should focus on selling outcomes and the ROI they can bring to digital projects. It’s important to track your work as you go rather than all at once when you think to build out your portfolio.

Check out DesignerUp’s full guide to how you can take your design career into the thick of UI and UX design.


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