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Growing the Sumo Blog to 200,000 Visits a Month

What’s really the goal of any blog? Views. It’s always views. If you want conversions, you need views to get that. If you’re interested in a ton of shares, you need a ton of views to get that. It doesn’t really matter what your end goal is, it probably starts with views.

That’s why it’s helpful to take a look at what the pros are doing to get visits on their blogs. Today, we’re taking a hard look at Sumo’s strategy that got them 200k blog visitors in one month. Their strategies will help you level-up your own marketing.

  • Accountability. Like we mentioned in a previous TDC, setting goals is essential to marketing success. Sumo sets goals and has weekly meetings (both 1:1 and team meetings) to make sure that they’re hitting those goals.
  • Use a Proactive Metrics Dashboard to track your content promotion tactics. And be sure to track everything. If something fails, track it anyway.
  • Mix up your blog post types. Don’t just write articles that will get you organic search traffic. Figure out what kind of content will resonate with your audience on social media. It’s likely a different type of content than what searchers are looking for. Once you’ve got that figured out, switch between publishing an SEO article and an article that will get that sweet social media attention.
  • Get good at delegating. Give your team members specific tasks, and let them do their thing. But, don’t forget to keep them accountable.
  • Paid social ads are going to supercharge your views, but don’t waste money on these ads. Dial in your audience targeting to get a super high relevance score and a super low CPC.

The author wraps this post up by giving some tips to help build your email, Messenger, and retargeting lists. Plenty of good ideas there, too.


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