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Growth, Marketing, & SEO with Matthew Barby

Matthew Barby is one of our 5 favorite marketers. He’s not an “inspirational guru“. He’s a dude who actually does SEO, marketing, and research and talks about the tactics that work…and, more importantly, what doesn’t. He’s basically the anti-Gary Vee (sorrynotsorry, Gary).

Today, we’re serving up a presentation that Matthew gave to Canva. In it, he talks about marketing fatigue, SEO, and gives a ton of great marketing advice.

You know what? Enough intro. We’re just gonna dive right in.

  • (1:02) Every marketing channel eventually suffers fatigue. Take Facebook for example, as more and more marketers dump money into ads, the cost to compete will rise. On top of that, people will just get tired of seeing ads on the platform. Eventually, it’ll get too expensive, and not effective enough, to use anymore.
  • (3:30) Don’t become a bag of tricks. Marketers need to understand problems, not just learning simple tricks to fix things.
  • (9:06) The framework that Matthew’s team uses to prioritize work.
  • (11:45) One of Matthew’s biggest f*** ups. The point he makes here is that marketers have to get used to failure and learn to accept it.
  • (15:29) Document everything you do in marketing. We’ll repeat that…document. everything. you. do.
  • (18:57) Publishing more content isn’t the key to SEO.
  • (21:47) There are 3 sections to SEO: crawling, indexing, and ranking. Understanding all of the sections will make your SEO more effective.
  • (22:19) A short case study about Matthew’s team understanding and testing the “crawling” section of SEO.

Confession: today’s Listen is actually a video, but you can just listen to it. It’s definitely worth the listen (or watch).

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