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The Complete Guide to TikTok Analytics: How to Measure Your Success

Turns out Tiktok is becoming one strong brand awareness and traffic-driving platform. Who would’ve guessed?

If you haven’t tried it for your brand yet, take notes from Chipotle, Fenty Beauty, The Washington Post, and others. For now, Hootsuite is going to show us how to use TikTok metrics to amp-up your game.

First things first, you need to have TikTok Pro in order to view analytics. You’ll see performance insights on your overall profile, followers, and content.

What you’ll find inside the Overview Metrics

  • Followers: Recording this week after week, you’ll be able to trend any growth or decline in followership.
  • Profile views: Tracking this metric will clue you in on interest surrounding your content.

What to know about your Followers

Obviously, you’ll find demographics here like age, gender, and top territories. You can better cater to your audience, especially on a local level. There are also metrics like…

  • Follower activity: with this info, post consistently during the time your audience is active. 
  • Videos your followers watched: get a sense of what content your fans love most. Hootsuite recommends checking this often for inspiration as well as to scope out potential collaborations.

What you can learn from the Content tab

  • Trending videos: shows your top videos with the fastest growth in viewership over the past seven days. Study these and make more of them. 
  • Average watch time: the average amount of time people spent watching your video. This will show you how successful you were at maintaining attention.
  • Traffic source types: where traffic for your post comes from. Meaning from your feed, your profile, Following feed, sounds, searches, or hashtags.

We only covered a snippet. Read on to discover more about TikTok analytics from Hootsuite.


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